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GET-IN! Review - Dirty Dancing

Published : 26/Sep/2014

GET-IN! is our young persons membership scheme that allows 9 - 18 year olds the chance to get involved with theatre. With a range of activities such as backstage tours, dance/singing workshops with West End cast members to reviewing productions here at the theatre. This week, Get-In! member Jorgia Kilkenny reviews the smash hit musical DIRTY DANCING!

This legendary iconic 80’s film is bought to life on stage. Baby (Roseanna Frascona) looks like she had been plucked straight out of the film and placed there, her likeness and mannerisms are truly amazing. It’s hard to walk in Patrick Swayzes’ shoes as Johnny, but Gareth Bailey can certainly dance in them, even across the rotating stage. Baby’s sister Lisa (Jessie-Lou Yates) will make you howl with laughter when she sings Lisa’s Hula so badly, when considering she’s played Wickeds’ Elphaba, must be a very hard thing to do. The musical numbers are endless, the orchestra is cleverly situated on stage above a screen where film footage is displayed and the water scene is recreated. Yes I did wonder how Johnny and Baby were going to perfect the air lift! It is done so creatively, with a lot of falling into the water. All the classic lines are delivered in style, ‘this is my dance space, this is your dance space’ with a brilliant dance routine to wipe out, along with the carrying of that famous watermelon. There is plenty of whooping at the end, as Johnny bounds through the audience in the stalls, to rescue Baby from her corner to have the time of her life, the triumph of the final lift will also lift your spirits sky high.

Jorgia Kilkenny


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