Everyone is welcome at the Grand Theatre and we are committed to making our theatre as accessible as possible. We offer a range of services to aid those who have additional access needs and aim to develop these services in order to improve the theatre-going experience for all. We are always interested in hearing from our patrons and discussing how else we can be of assistance.

Your access to performance contact is Remy Lloyd, our Access and Operations Manager. You can contact Remy via email with any questions or feedback you may have.

Please take a look through our Access pages where you will find all the details of our access services. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


You can book for an accessible performance by calling the Box Office on 01902 42 92 12. It will help our Box Office staff to know that you wish to make use of the service, so please do mention it when booking.

Alternatively tickets can be reserved with our Access & Operations Manager, Remy Lloyd, via email on or via SMS on 07973 83 81 89.

Remy will also be happy to help you with any queries or further information you may require.



The Grand Theatre has an Access Register scheme. The register supports patrons with disabilities and additional access needs, and provides concessions for those patrons and their partners/companions.

Joining is FREE and simple! All you need to do is request an application form, complete it and return it to the theatre along with the required supporting documentation. The information provided will ensure we are catering for all our patrons’ access needs, as well as making booking tickets a quicker and simpler process.

For an application form, please email or contact the Box Office on 01902 42 92 12.


The theatre offers a variety of specific access services including BSL Interpreted, Audio Described, Captioned and Relaxed performances. You can find the full listings of all our access performances on the ‘What’s On (Access)’ tab on our Access page.

You can reserve and purchase tickets for any of our assisted performances via our Box Office, either in person or over the phone on 01902 42 92 12.

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Should you require we can also offer Orientation sessions to help with familiarisation of the theatre. Ideal for individuals, families and groups who would benefit from a pre-visit to assess the environment before a performance. This may be of use to those who have mobility requirements, vertigo, social anxieties (such as claustrophobia or agoraphobia), those with additional needs and/or those on the autistic spectrum. Please note these are not theatre tours.


Assisted Performances


BSL & AD – Thursday 2 January 2020, 2.30pm (Interpreter – Clare Edwards of Purpleterp Ltd. Describer – Anne Hornsby of MindsEye)
BSL – Thursday 2 January 2020, 7.15pm (Interpreter – Clare Edwards of Purpleterp Ltd)
BSL – Saturday 4 January 2020, 2.30pm (Interpreter – Clare Edwards of Purpleterp Ltd)
AD – Sunday 5 January 2020, 2pm (Describer – Anne Hornsby of MindsEye)
Relaxed – Thursday 9 January 2020, 11am (Interpreter – Clare Edwards of Purpleterp Ltd)


CAP – Thursday 20 February, 7.30pm (StageText)
AD – Saturday 22 February, 2.30pm (Describer – TBC)

BSL – Thursday 5 March, 7.30pm (Interpreter – TBC)
AD – Saturday 7 March, 2.30pm (Describer – TBC)

BSL – Wednesday 1 April, 7.30pm (Interpreter – Nicola Williams of Theatresign)
AD – Saturday 4 April, 2.30pm (Describer – TBC)

BSL – Wednesday 6 May, 7.30pm (Interpreter – Nicola Williams of Theatresign)
AD – Saturday 9 May, 2.30pm (Describer – TBC)

BSL – Thursday 11 June, 7.30pm (Interpreter – Stacey Green of Theatresign)
AD – Saturday 13 June, 2.30pm

Dementia Friendly – Thursday 2 July, 2.30pm

BSL – Wednesday 21 October, 7.30pm
AD – Thursday 22 October, 7.30pm

FAQs - Access

“Why do I have to join the Access Register?”

The Grand Theatre is always aiming to improve its access provisions and services, and the Access Register is one of the tools we use to do so. We ask patrons to join our Access Register so we can ensure we are fulfilling the requirements of as many patrons as possible. We hope that once you are a member you should find booking tickets via the Box Office a simple process as all staff will have be aware of what your membership entitles you to and any specific requirements you have mentioned on your application form, i.e preferred seating locations.

We understand that you may find your access requirements a sensitive subject and respect that you should not have to share this information with everyone. However, only our Access & Operations Manager, Remy Lloyd, has access to the documentation you send into the theatre. All information is private and confidential and treated as such.

“Can I book online?”

“Yes. If you have joined our Access Register, you can now book online and receive your concessional rates once you have selected your seats and clicked on to the payment screen. If you require BSL, Audio Description or Captioning, you will see ‘Best Access’ seats on your screen as a star. These are our recommended seats for the best view of the signer or captions.”

“Do you have your brochure in accessible formats?”

We provide an access performance newsletters bi-annually that is produced in large print. All those patrons who outline their need for this service in their Access Register application form will automatically receive one.

We also produce an audio copy of each newsletter as well as our full brochure. These are available and posted out in CD format to those patrons who request them. If you wish to be added to the mailing list for Audio format newsletters and brochures, please email Remy Lloyd at

“Do you have a lift?”

Yes! We have a lift in our foyer area that can take patrons to each level of the theatre.

“Can I bring my Assistance Dog?”

Assistance Dogs are welcome in the theatre. If you are bringing your assistance dog with you there are two options. If you are happy to do so you can keep your dog with you in the auditorium. If you choose to do this then the dog must remain with and be the sole responsibility of the owner at all times. You must also ensure you inform the Box Office if you intend on taking your assistance dog in the auditorium with you. This will allow them to allocate the most appropriate seating for you.

If suitable seating cannot be found or if you would rather your dog not be in the auditorium during the performance due to the loud music/noises, the theatre can arrange for a volunteer to look after them during this time. You must mention this request to Box Office when booking your tickets. They will pass the details of your visit on to our Access & Operations Manager to make arrangements for you. If you are booking online and wish to take advantage of this service, please email to discuss the details of your visit.

Please be aware that although the theatre will make every effort to arrange this on your behalf, this is a voluntary service and cannot be guaranteed. We will require as much notice as possible so booking tickets in good time is advised.

“Where do we meet for a Touch Tour and what time does it start?”

We always meet near the lift and accessible toilet in the foyer area. This area is to the right as you enter the building.

Touch tours are generally scheduled to start one hour prior to the performance start time. However, this does vary between shows and so please do confirm the time with the Box Office when booking your ticket.

“Can we book a theatre tour despite our access needs?”

We are more than happy to work with you to tailor tours and education activities to your access needs. If you are part of a school or social group who would like a theatre tour you can book these via James Collins, Creative Learning Coordinator. James can be contacted via email at

For more information, please go to our Creative Learning page on the website.

“Do my access needs mean I cannot enter a competition or come to a specific event?”

Where possible we make events and workshops as accessible as best we can. It is your responsibility to inform us of your needs when you book to attend any education or community events here at the theatre. Please contact the theatre to discuss any additional needs that you might have should you wish to attend.

Should you enter a competition we ask that you inform us of any additional needs that you may have.

Please also ensure that if you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing you indicate which would be the best method of contact (in case voice calls are not possible).


If you have any further questions please contact Remy Lloyd on or call her on 01902 57 33 20.