01 Feb 2021

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For the first time ever, two of the most recognisable faces of British broadcasting have come together to bring you one fascinating evening.

It’s often said we stand today, as a society on the shoulders of giants – those that went before us. But the truth is they weren’t giants, the people that build the fabric of the country we live in were the serfs, villains and labourers that were often dismissed as the great unwashed. But it was these broad shoulders that were carrying the weight of history and the development of our country.

They were planning and drawing back the longbows, forging swords and ploughshares, sawing the oak to build houses and ships, carving stone for the churches that held all in awe and wonder and kept them to a common purpose.

Yes, you needed someone to grab the headlines and shout charge, but if there’s not a Saxon or Celtic or Norman horde to follow then there’s no Victory. No conquest. No Great Britain or Britons to step aboard the ships built by hundreds of shipwrights with one famous captain and a numerous, faceless crew to sail him to glory.

This is a fanfare for the common man, because if we stand today on any shoulders it’s theirs.

Nameless. Unheralded. Ignored until now. It’s time to meet the common folk as Nick & Neil take you ‘serfing’ through Britain’s fascinating history.

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Running Time: TBC

Age Guidance: Recommended 12+



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