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View From A Seat

Click on the links below the map to see the view from the seats which are highlighted black.

The images that are linked below help to give an indication of viewing from a partciular seat and its surrounding area. The images are to act as a guide for selecting your seats and highlight examples of angled and pillar restrictions that can apply on some areas of our auditiorium. Seats in the yellow-shaded area's give a representation of the impaired views that can include pillar restrictions or angled-views.

Please Note: Views can differ between productions due to the size and design of the scenery and the way that the production is directed. This page is to be taken as a guide and not an exact representation.



Stalls: To view the image, click on the seat below.

Row D - Seat 3 Row D - Seat 6 Row D - Seat 11 Row D - Seat 19
Row D - Seat 27 Row D - Seat 32 Row D - Seat 35 Row J - Seat 3
Row J - Seat 11 Row J - Seat 19 Row J - Seat 28 Row J - Seat 36
Row N - Seat 2 Row N - Seat 19 Row N - Seat 37 Row R - Seat 10
                                                             Row R - Seat 28  




 Dress Circle: To view the image, click on the seat below.

Row B - Seat 2 Row B - Seat 41 Row C - Seat 9 Row C - Seat 14
Row C - Seat 22 Row C - Seat 31 Row C - Seat 36 Row F - Seat 7
  Row F - Seat 20 Row F - Seat 34  



 Grand Circle: To view the image, click on the seat below.

Row B - Seat 3 Row B - Seat 40 Row C - Seat 16 Row C - Seat 27
Row J - Seat 8 Row J - Seat 16 Row J - Seat 27 Row J - Seat 35



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