Dick Whittington travelled the golden pavements to seek his fortune and now thanks to generous sponsorship from the Friends Of The Grand, the theatre’s annual AN INTRODUCTION TO PANTOMIME tour can take to the road again – bringing the magic of theatre to school halls for a fourth consecutive year!

AN INTRODUCTION TO PANTOMIME will tour for two weeks from 7 October visiting school halls with an interactive pantomime workshop. There will also be a mini performance of what will be this year’s Grand Theatre pantomime, Dick Whittington – the story of a young boy who travels to London with his cat to seek fame and fortune. The school’s tour will be lead by Ian Adams who is the Grand Theatre’s resident pantomime Dame.

Creative Learning Coordinator at the Grand Theatre James Collins said; “I am really thankful to the Friends Of The Grand for their contribution towards this year’s tour. It has made it possible for the Grand to reach children in their schools who may not always have the opportunity to visit the theatre. We are currently putting a lot of effort into increasing young engagement with the Grand Theatre, this tour is a crucial way of making sure that as many young people as possible can experience the benefits of live theatre and the arts.”

Chairman of the Friends Of The Grand Richard Bourne said; “As Chair of the Friends, this is exactly the sort of project I want us to be supportive of. The more ‘Friends’ subscriptions we receive each year the more we can contribute to this type of project. I am personally very keen to ensure that all our young people are inspired by theatre as early in life as possible. This not only encourages future theatregoers as they approach adulthood, but also helps them to learn and develop in ways not always available to them in the school classroom.”

The schools tour, AN INTRODUCTION TO PANTOMIME starring Ian Adams can be booked now, by contacting James Collins by email or by calling 01902 57 33 20.