BSL Interpreter signing a panto performance



BSL Interpreted Performances are when a BSL interpreter stands on or near the stage and interprets the vocal line of the performance. The interpreter knows every line of dialogue, including any songs that may be included and conveys it live. Seats are held off for users of this service within a specific area where language uptake is at its best. On booking your tickets please let our Box Office staff know you will be utilising this service to ensure they seat you appropriately. Please note these tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.


Captioned Performances include dialogue, sound effect and lyrics displayed in English on text units located at either side of the stage. The performances may be suitable for those patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing who do not use British Sign Language. Seats are held off for users of this service within a specific area to ensure a good view of the text units. On booking your tickets please let our Box Office staff know you will be utilising this service to ensure they seat you appropriately. Please note these tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.

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We have general loop systems located at the Box Office counters.


The Grand Theatre has a Sennhieser assistive hearing system in place that runs via radio frequency. The system is often used by our visually impaired patrons during our Audio Described performances, however those who are hard of hearing may benefit from having the audio from the production’s sound desk played through an individual device, amplifying what they are able to hear in the auditorium.

The  system has two types of devices patrons can choose from:

  • The stethoscope headset, generally used by those patrons who do not use a hearing aid.
  • And the necklace unit, used by those with a hearing aid that has a T setting.*

Both units give the user the opportunity to increase the volume of the show audio on an individual basis.

The system is an improvement on our older headsets that worked via Infra-red and so has a much greater coverage. Patrons are able to sit in any seat in the auditorium and still utilise this service.

*Our necklace units function when a hearing aid is set to a T setting. Some hearing aids require the user to switch the hearing aid to this setting whereas many digital hearing aids now automatically make this adjustment without the user having to switch settings. If you have further queries about whether or not your specific hearing aid has a T setting or can be switched to a T setting please contact your audiologist.


The Grand Theatre has also introduced a new additional system to work along side the radio frequency devices. This system is called MobileConnect.

MobileConnect is a free app from Sennheiser that can be dowloaded to an individual user’s smartphone. It streams audio content via WiFi live and in great quality. It is fully compatible with IOS and Android accessibility modes where visual impariment support is required.

For further information and operational instructions on both of our systems, please click here.

These also apply similarly to an android device.


Both of our systems will help to increase volume of show audio for patrons but please be aware that sound levels may vary dependant on the show. Should the performers on a particular show not wear individual microphones their voices are instead captured using one atmospheric microphone above the stage. This means the sound through the headsets will not be as loud as if the actors were wearing individual microphones.

If you have any queries regarding these services you can email or call 01902 57 33 20 to talk through your needs.



Hearing dogs are welcome in the theatre, and if you are happy to do so you can keep your dog with you in the auditorium. When booking your tickets please ensure you inform the Box Office if you intend to take your assistance dog into the auditorium with you, this will allow us to allocate the most appropriate seating for you. Please note, dogs taken into the auditorium must be with and are the sole responsibility of the owner at all times.

If suitable seating cannot be found or if you would rather your dog not be in the auditorium during the performance due to the loud music/noises, the theatre, working alongside the charity Beacon,  can arrange for a verified volunteer to look after your dog on the premises during your visit, as part of our Assistive Dog Scheme.

Please inform the Box Office that you would like to use this service when booking your tickets. They will pass the details of your visit on to our Access & Inclusion Manager who can assist in making arrangements for you. If you are booking online and wish to take advantage of this service, please email to discuss the details of your visit.

Please be aware that although the theatre will make every effort to arrange this on your behalf, this is a voluntary service provided by Beacon and cannot be guaranteed. We will require as much notice as possible so booking tickets in good time is advised. We are unable to arrange this service if it is requested within seven days of the date of your performance.

For further information, or to request this service please contact us in advance of your visit at